About Me

I am an ecologist, and my research focuses on the response of coastal and marine ecosystems to climate change and human impacts. I completed my PhD in 2015 at Brown University in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, in a joint degree program with the Marine Biological Laboratory. I received a Bachelor’s in Biology from Tufts University in 2006, and a Master’s in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island (GSO) in 2009. I am currently the Director of Harbor Watch, a non-profit water quality research and education program in Westport, Connecticut. For a full cv, please contact me at: sarah.corman.crosby (at gmail.com).


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Russell Newman says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I was reading Quadangles, and read about your new position with Harbor Watch.
    While you were at URI, were you on the Swim Team? If memory serves, was your last name Aubois?

    Congratulations Again,
    Russell Newman

    • sarahcorman says:

      Hi Russell! I am so sorry that I never saw this message! That was not my last name, nor was I on the swim team. Sorry about that. Must have been someone else 🙂

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