I am an ecologist, particularly interested in coastal marine ecosystems. Much of my research has focused on human impacts on salt marshes, both through climate change and physical alterations like mosquito ditching. Salt marshes are highly valued coastal ecosystems that provide many services to society. They protect people and our infrastructure from storms, prevent land loss to erosion, provide a nursery habitat for commercially important fish, filter nutrient and toxin run-off from land, and sequester carbon. On the Atlantic coast of the U.S., losing salt marshes could have dramatic human health and economic repercussions. The goal of my research is to understand where we can expect marsh habitat loss in the future, and how we can prevent or mitigate that loss. Beyond my work in salt marshes, I am also interested in water quality and the impact of coastal pollution on both people and the environment. I am currently the Director of Harbor Watch, a non-profit water quality research and education program in Connecticut.


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